Tail Wind Blaze ’21


The inspired Tail Wind Blaze ’21 makes a modern comeback with a twist. Bold futuristic colors, geometry and a whole lot of height. The foam midsole gives great soft cushioning and is composed of sustainable and durable materials.



Since their popularization by companies such as Converse, Nike and Spalding in the mid 20th century, they have become attire, with variety growing in many global markets exponentially. Like other parts of the global clothing industry, manufacture of shoes is heavily concentrated in Asia with nine in ten shoes produced in that region.


During the 1990s shoe companies perfected their fashion and marketing skills. Sports endorsements with famous athletes grew larger, and marketing budgets went through the roof.

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US 7, US 8, US 9, US 10, US 11



2 reviews for Tail Wind Blaze ’21

  1. Coco

    I love this style. But I have 4 pairs already as they break easily. I can’t trust buying another pair any more. I hope the next model fixes these little quirks. Other than that fantastic looking shoes.

  2. Beatrix

    Excellent as expected. My Boyfriend loves them so I\’m very happy with them. Great fit, style and price.

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