Run Beats Pro PX500



Unwanted sound from the environment can be excluded from the ear by noise isolation thanks to the next generation isolation plus pro with active noise cancellation.



Magnetic Drive

Electrostatic headphones require a voltage source generating 100 V to over 1 kV, and are on the user’s head. Since the invention of insulators, there is no actual danger. They do not need to deliver significant electric current, which further limits the electrical hazard to the wearer in case of fault.


A planar magnetic driver consists of a relatively large membrane that contains an embedded wire pattern. This membrane is suspended between two sets of permanent, oppositely aligned, magnets.

Premium Audio

A current passed through the wires embedded in the membrane produces a magnetic field that reacts with the field.

Sleek Design

Unbeatable sleek design will wow your fellow runners and leave them in the dust.


The doped of the permanent magnets to induce movement in the membrane, which produces sound.

Tech Benefits

  • The lower airy mesh gives lightweight comfort.
  • Originally for performance running, cushioning that lasts.
  • The plastic tip adds shine.

Additional information

Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 92 × 45 × 20 cm



Forest Green, Blueberry Violet


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